What's the Best Treatment Option for Bigger Lips?

What's the Best Treatment Option for Bigger Lips?

Big, pillowy lips are a sign of show-stopping beauty. From Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner, some of the hottest celebrities have a big pout that turns heads and steals hearts. But not everyone is lucky enough to be born with luscious lips.

You’ve probably tried lip plumpers and makeup techniques as the first approach to enhancing your lips. Though these might help some, are you looking for a more dramatic and long-lasting solution?

Lip fillers are an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment used to enhance the volume and shape of your lips. In 2020, roughly 3.4 million Americans received lip fillers, making them one of the most popular cosmetic treatments to improve your lip line.

At Shantique Med Spa, located in Torrance, California, we offer lip fillers as a way to enhance your facial symmetry for natural, but more desirably shaped lips.

What’s involved in lip fillers?

You’ve probably heard of lip fillers before, but may not know much about what’s involved with treatment. Many lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid – a substance naturally found in your body that helps maintain moisture and firmness in the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers provide immediate results by adding volume and plumpness to lips. During a lip filler procedure, Shahinaz Soliman injects the filler substance into specific areas of the lips to achieve natural results, including:

The procedure is usually performed using a fine needle or cannula, and local anesthesia or numbing cream may be applied to minimize discomfort.

Beautiful results that last for months

Lip fillers provide full, kissable lips with results that last for 6-12 months on average. Some patients experience results for years though others may find that the effects start to diminish after a few months. The exact duration of the results can vary depending on factors such as your metabolism, lifestyle, and the kind of filler used.

Luckily, your results won’t disappear overnight. Your body naturally breaks down the filler over time with repeated facial movements like talking, chewing, and laughing. Once you start to notice your results are fading, replenish the volume of your pout by coming in for a touch-up.

Here’s what to expect during the healing process 

Aftercare following lip filler treatment is essential to promote proper healing, minimize potential side effects, and ensure optimal results. Here are some general guidelines for lip filler aftercare:

Apply ice or cold compress

Applying an ice pack or a cold compress to the treated area can help reduce swelling and alleviate any discomfort. Wrap the ice pack in a clean cloth, and apply it to your lips for short intervals of about 10-15 minutes at a time.

Avoid strenuous activities and exercise

Engaging in strenuous activities and exercise that increase blood flow and raise body temperature should be avoided for at least 24-48 hours following the procedure. This can help minimize swelling and potential complications.

Keep the area clean

Maintain good oral hygiene by gently cleansing your lips and mouth area with mild, non-alcoholic cleansers. Avoid using harsh products or scrubbing the lips vigorously.

Avoid sun exposure

Protect your lips from excessive sun exposure by applying a lip balm with SPF. Sunscreen can help prevent pigmentation changes and protect the delicate skin of your lips.

Although these are just guidelines, Dr. Soliman will provide you with aftercare instructions to best suit your individual needs. 

With dermal fillers, you can have the lips you’ve always wanted. Contact our office today by calling 310-530-7244 or booking online to see what lip filler can do for you.

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