Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Hair on your legs. Armpits. Bikini line. Face.  It can often be difficult to keep up. Even though having body hair is normal, you might wish to remove it for a smoother, sleeker appearance.

Shaving or waxing is often the first way you might have sought to remove hair, but let’s face it – results are short-lived. Laser hair removal is the “holy grail” of hair removal and one of the most permanent ways to eliminate pesky hair. 

You’ve probably heard a lot about laser hair removal. Shantique Med Spa, serving Torrance, California and beyond, is here to separate the myths from facts to help you decide if it's worth it for you.

Myth # 1 – Laser hair removal is painful.

Fact: The number one question we get asked is, “Does it hurt?” We are proud to explain that laser hair removal does not hurt, but is slightly uncomfortable. 

Most people describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band being snapped on your skin. Patients find laser hair removal to be more comfortable than waxing and tweezing. If you’re still worried about the pain, Shahinaz Soliman, MD can apply a cooling gel to your skin to help reduce discomfort. 

Most treatments take between 30-60 minutes. You just sit back and relax while Dr. Soliman glides the BBL handpiece over the treatment area to erase unwanted hair.

Myth # 2 – It can only be used on small areas.

Fact: Laser hair removal can be done almost anywhere on your body. No matter how large or small, we can get rid of hair from there. Our comprehensive Broadband Light™ system targets multiple hair follicles in one go and can be used safely on:

BBL uses wavelengths of light, rather than a laser, to damage hair follicles to ultimately stop growing. It's the perfect solution for those seeking the freedom of hair-free skin across large areas, so you can delve into your radiance with confidence.

Myth #3 – Laser hair removal can be expensive.

Fact: Did you know women spend nearly $10,000-$23,000 on shaving products in their lifetime? That’s a lot of cash for hair removal that barely lasts a day. 

Laser hair removal is an investment. Though the cost of hair removal is higher, the result will save you lots of time, money, and hassle.

You’ll notice a 10-25% reduction in hair after one treatment, but you might need four to eight treatments to get the results you want. Once you’ve completed your hair removal treatments you can expect hair to be gone for months or even years after treatment. Most of our patients come in for maintenance sessions once a year to sustain their results and keep the hair at bay.

Myth #4 – It doesn’t work on some hair colors and skin types.

Fact: Laser hair removal is most effective on patients with a light skin tone and dark hair. However, patients of all skin colors and hair types can benefit from laser hair removal. Advancements in technology have allowed laser hair removal to be an option for patients with dark skin and those with light-colored hair. 

The best way to see if laser hair removal is for you is by scheduling a consultation today. Call 310-530-7244 to schedule a consultation, or you can book online

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