Why You Shouldn't Trust Just Anyone to Administer Your Cosmetic Injectables

Why You Shouldn't Trust Just Anyone to Administer Your Cosmetic Injectables

Can you believe over 13 million injectable treatments were performed in the United States in 2022? The popularity of injectable treatments continues to soar with the market experiencing over a 70% increase from 2019 to 2022.

Everywhere you look, a medical spa provides injectables – some with discounted rates. But, injectables are a highly specialized medical procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The professionals at Shantique Med Spa, located in Torrance, California, are here to tell you why you shouldn’t trust just anyone to administer your cosmetic injectables.

The difference between BOTOX and fillers

Injectables is an umbrella term under which BOTOX and fillers both fall. Although the two may seem similar, they’re used for separate purposes. Here’s how they differ:

Smooth away wrinkles with BOTOX

You might have received BOTOX before or know a friend who has. An estimated 11 million people worldwide have undergone BOTOX, which makes it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. 

BOTOX is the brand name that refers to the toxin called Clostridium botulinum. It’s a neuromodulator that blocks nerve signals to relax wrinkle-causing muscles. This results in smooth, life-free skin. 

Areas BOTOX can be used include:

BOTOX is primarily used to smooth dynamic wrinkles – those that form expressions like smiling or frowning. BOTOX is only used on targeted muscles while leaving the surrounding muscles untouched. 

You’ll still be able to express a wide variety of emotions without looking like you had a procedure done. The effects of BOTOX are long-lasting with patients enjoying their results for three to four months on average. 

Restore facial volume with fillers

You lose approximately one teaspoon of fat in your face every year after the age of 30. By the time you hit 40, this could result in a 40% loss of volume. Dermal fillers provide a natural way to restore age-related concerns like sunken cheeks, thin lips, and a drooping nose. 

The most common type of dermal fillers is composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your body like the eyes and joints. This gel-like substance is injected to naturally plumpen your face while pulling in water to hydrate your skin and increase collagen production.

Fillers are used to:


We proudly offer 12 different dermal fillers to suit your aesthetic goals. You can expect your results to last for an average of 6-12 months depending on the filler and the area where it’s used.

Only trust a skilled injector

Injectables are a popular procedure but should only be performed by someone you trust. The  Groupon deals you see are often too good to be true. These deals are done by an unskilled injector, one who lacks the expertise and experience you need for desirable results.

Going to an unskilled injector can lead to uneven facial asymmetry, drooping, and the much-feared – frozen face. Though injectables are becoming a more common procedure, they still come with risks like bruising, infection, and bleeding, which are best handled by a medical professional. Your face is in the hands of your injector, so you must choose wisely.

Shahinaz Soliman, MD is an award-winning physician who masters facial anatomy and performs injectables daily. She is recognized by her patients for her natural, yet beautiful aesthetics with zero bruising. 

Refresh your appearance with injectables today. Call 310-530-7244 to schedule your consultation, or book online.

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