What Makes the VI Peel Stand Out from Its Competitors

What Makes the VI Peel Stand Out from Its Competitors

Your teenage years consisted of heartbreak, life lessons, and baby-smooth skin. You might have taken your skin for granted then, but now, as the wrinkles, large pores, and discoloration are here, you would do anything to get it back.

Delving into the skincare world can seem overwhelming at first with all the services, products, and at-home practices. The experts at Shantique Med Spa located in Torrance, California, are here to help develop a unique skin care program for you, including a powerful VI Peel.

Here’s why the VI Peel stands out from the other chemical peels in the market.

Your go-to treatment for a youthful complexion

We all want to look younger, and this starts by treating your skin. Younger skin is soft to the touch, even-toned, and smooth – all of which can be accomplished with a VI Peel.

VI Peels, created by the Vitality Institute, are medium-strength, medical-grade chemical peels that are applied to the top layer of your skin, but penetrate to the second layer, also known as the dermis. The peel works to exfoliate your skin and trigger cellular turnover, which encourages the production of new proteins and brings a variety of noticeable improvements, including:

The goal of treatment is to break down the top layer of your skin to reveal a healthy, fresh new layer and a natural, but younger-looking you.

Comprehensive, powerful ingredients

VI peels are gentle enough to use on your face, chest, eyelids, hands, and neck, but strong enough to provide noticeable skin improvements. What makes VI peels stand above the rest lies in their integrative ingredients. 

VI Peels are made of:

This harmonious blend provides rejuvenated skin that continues to improve for the following weeks as collagen production increases.

Five custom peels to choose from

Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why VI Peels provides five unique peels, so you can choose the one to overcome your biggest skin concerns.

Coming in for a consultation with one of our skincare technicians is the best way to get the skin you’ve always dreamed of having. They’ll talk through your skincare goals and help you decide on one of the five VI peels:

VI Peels are safe on all skin types and skin tones.

Radiant results with no downtime

VI Peels provide the results of a high-grade peel but without downtime. You can expect dewy, touchable skin without having to take off work or avoid social activities.

Immediately following your procedure, your skin may appear tan, red, or yellow. This is normal and temporary – most patients find that it fades in minutes. You will leave our office still wearing the peel, and we suggest waiting four to six hours before washing, touching, or applying SPF or makeup.

After two to three days, your skin starts peeling, which is a normal part of the after care process and lasts for about a week. Peeling can be minimized by applying a moisturizer, which will help keep your skin hydrated.

After your peeling resides, you’ll notice glowing skin with results that keep getting better four to six weeks following treatment. You’ll experience significant results after one peel, but many of our patients get three to four VI peels for the most youthful skin.

Don’t let aging skin dim your light. Schedule a VI peel today by calling 310-530-7244 or booking online.

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