Tighten Saggy Skin Without Surgery (BBL and Halo Sciton Laser)

Saggy skin comes from weight loss and age. In either case, it’s probably not something you hope for as you get older or after you reach your ideal weight. Thankfully, with today’s advanced laser and light technology, you don’t have to undergo surgery to tighten your skin. 

At Shantique Med Spa in Torrance, California, Dr. Shahinaz Soliman and our medical aesthetics team offer simple, effective solutions to tighten saggy skin with noninvasive laser and light treatments. Depending on your skin and desired results, we may recommend the revolutionary BroadBand Light (BBL)™ or Sciton® Halo™ laser treatments. 

Why facial skin sags

There are several reasons your skin is sagging as you get older. Fat that was once evenly distributed in the upper portion of your face, keeping it plump around your forehead, eyes, and cheeks, loses volume and shifts downward. Simultaneously, the lower portion of your face may gain fat so your cheeks and jowls sag and you get loose skin under your chin. 

Additionally, if you lose weight, and your skin loses elasticity as a result of the natural aging process, your facial skin appears saggy. It simply doesn’t bounce back as quickly or as perfectly as it did when you were younger. 

As part of the natural aging process, your skin also produces less collagen and elastin than it did when you were younger. As these building blocks of firm skin diminish, your skin appears less supple and more saggy. 

The benefits of BroadBand Light

BroadBand Light treatments harness the power of intense pulsed light (IPL) to improve your skin’s tone and texture from the inside. Light energy from the device gently heats the layers of skin tissue below the surface and stimulates your body’s ability to regenerate new, healthy skin cells. After a series of BBL treatments customized to your needs, your skin appears smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking. 

This noninvasive treatment is quick and easy, too, often taking less than 30 minutes in our office. BBL treatments are gentle on the surface of your skin, so you may not even need a topical numbing cream. In most cases, you can return to your daily activities immediately following your BBL appointment. 

Unique Halo laser treatments 

The Halo laser system is the first of its kind. It uses a hybrid fractional laser, which delivers two different wavelengths of light energy — ablative and nonablative — at the same time. This means you get the benefits of ablative laser treatment with the downtime of a nonablative system. It’s truly the best of both worlds when it comes to revitalizing your skin for a firmer appearance with less noticeable wrinkles and brown spots, too. 

The integrated cooling system of the Halo laser keeps the surface of your skin comfortable while the laser energy penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to ignite your body’s healing response to generate new, healthy skin cells. As your skin renews itself from the inside, it replaces dull, sagging skin with firmer, more youthful skin, so you enjoy long-term results after just 1-2 Halo laser treatments.

At Shantique Med Spa, we customize your BBL and Halo treatments and recommend which are best for your skin. We take your busy lifestyle into consideration and explain how each system can help improve your skin, the treatment itself, and any special instructions you need to know to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun in the days following your BBL and Halo treatments. 

Surgery is risky and there’s usually a long recovery period. BBL and Halo laser treatments are nonsurgical, noninvasive, and deliver the results you want without the risks or downtime. 

Discover firmer, more supple, youthful skin again. Set up a skin-care consultation by phone or online today. Call our friendly office staff at 213-205-7916, or click here to request the next available appointment. 

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