Skin Problems that Improve With Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Skin Problems that Improve With Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Wrinkles. Age spots. Large pores. Puffy skin. You’ve probably encountered a variety of skin care problems like these in your lifetime. That’s because your skin is susceptible to more than 3,000 different conditions, many of which have undesirable cosmetic effects.

You’ve probably read about or even tried a variety of different remedies to help improve them. But have you heard of intense pulsed light therapy (IPL)? It’s one of the best ways to combat multiple skin concerns in one treatment for beautiful, glowing skin.

Shantique Med Spa, located in Torrance, California, provides IPL in the form of BroadBand Light (BBL)™ by Sciton® to help smooth away skin imperfections with zero downtime. Read on to hear about the problems it addresses.

Sun damage

The sun is so healing, but it is also so damaging. 90% of physical skin damage is due to the sun’s harmful rays. While you can’t turn back time to stop sun damage, BBL is the next best thing.

BBL emits targeted light energy deep within your skin to heal itself from the inside out. By using a variety of different wavelengths of light, similar to a camera flash, BBL breaks apart pigment in your skin and encourages cellular turnover. This process battles wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin to give you a stunning, youthful complexion.


Common yet harmless, hyperpigmentation describes patches of skin that are darker than its surrounding skin. Instead of just accepting hyperpigmentation, now you can do something about it.

BBL is the most powerful IPL device in the world, to help give you clearer, more even-toned skin. When you come in for your appointment, you just sit back while Shahinaz Soliman, MD whisks away hyperpigmentation to give you glowing skin. 

Using the handheld BBL device, Dr. Soliman fades brown and red areas of skin while stimulating new collagen. BBL can whisk away hyperpigmentation issues like:

While you’ll see an improvement in your skin after the first session, most patients need 2-5 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

Spider veins

Red, blue, twisting veins found on the face or backs of legs – spider veins. These pesky veins affect 23% of Americans and are more commonly found in women. BBL is particularly effective in making spider veins disappear.

With most treatments lasting around thirty minutes, BBL can safely destroy spider veins while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Once the vein is destroyed, your body’s lymphatic system works to flush out the debris over the next few weeks as you experience clear, vein-free skin.

Skin elasticity

When you were younger, the skin on your face might have been supple, similar to a grape. But now as you’ve aged, gravity, impurities, and sun damage may make your face appear more like a raisin. While this is just a normal part of aging, you might wish to improve the elasticity of your skin. 

BBL uses radiofrequency technology to heat your skin, but has a built-in cooling system to keep you comfortable. Heat is the key to stimulating collagen and other important proteins that aid in youthful elasticity. 

Many patients find they look 5-10 years younger after completing a series of BBL treatments. BBL is one of the only treatments that require little to no pain and has zero downtime associated with it.

The first step to a younger you is by scheduling your appointment. Call 310-530-7244 to schedule your BBL appointment or book online.

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