Ready to Retire Your Razor? Learn About Laser Hair Removal

Having thick, gorgeous hair on your head is attractive — but not when it comes to body parts. While shaving is an effective way to remove body hair, it tacks on approximately thirty minutes to your daily routine only to grow back hours later. If you’re ready to save time and retire the razor once and for all, read on!

Laser hair removal provides a more permanent solution for hair removal so you’re silky, smooth at all hours of the day. Shantique Med Spa services BroadBand Light (BBL)™ hair removal to patients in Torrance, California so they can wear shorts and sundresses all-year-round. 

Targeted BBL technology

Living in California has many perks — one being its beautiful, sunny days in all four seasons. With winter months even reaching 70 degrees, it’s acceptable to wear shorts and dresses all year-round. Are you tired of wearing pants because you haven’t shaved your legs? 

BBL hair removal is a non-invasive way to remove 80-90% of hair. Not to mention, you can say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs with BBL. This treatment can safely be used on almost any body part, but the most common treatment areas include: 

While other treatments only work on dark hair, this laser treatment can even be used to remove light hair. 

Heats hair follicles evenly

BBL is a state-of-the-art treatment that surpasses most other forms of laser hair removal. Using new and improved laser technology, BBL heats hair follicles evenly which helps reduce missed spots that often happen with other forms of hair removal. 

By using a lower impact of light pulses and a higher repetition speed, BBL allows your skin pigment to draw in heat and destroy the hair. BBL is known for its precision and ability to treat large areas of hair without damaging the skin around it.

Works faster than other lasers

Laser hair removal doesn’t offer immediate results. You’ll need a series of three to seven sessions spaced about a month apart to get the results you want. Most patients experience quicker results with BBL than other forms of laser hair removal. That means you save time and money by getting hairless skin quicker.

No, it doesn’t hurt

If you like what you hear so far, you’re probably wondering what BBL hair removal feels like. Most of our patients tolerate the procedure well and report it to be much less painful than other kinds of laser hair removal. The sensation may feel like a mild pinching, but sessions only take about fifteen minutes so it’s over and done with before you know it.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your razor and hello to smooth, hair-free skin? Schedule your BBL consultation by calling 310-530-7244 or booking online

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