Help! I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

Almost half of Americans over 20 have tried to lose weight in 2018. While some may be successful, many find it a struggle to shed stubborn fat. Obesity is a growing health issue and can result in chronic disease or even death.

Slimming down can often feel like a lose-lose situation. It’s tough to see results unless a health professional is by your side.

At Shantique Med Spa, located in Torrance, California, we offer medically supervised weight loss for those who want to lose weight most efficiently with a team of health professionals.

The dangers of being overweight

It’s normal to gain some weight as you get older. But a growing proportion of Americans are getting heavier — two-thirds of Americans are considered obese or overweight. Obesity isn’t just a physical concern, it’s also hazardous to your health.

Did you know obesity is linked to over 60 chronic illnesses? Some of the diseases linked to being obese include:

Not only is being obese bad for your health, but it is also very costly. Obese people have more out-of-pocket medical costs totaling over $1,429 more each year than a person of a healthy weight. Whether you’re obese, overweight or just looking to get in better shape, we can help.

How supervised weight loss works

Many people who live busy, stressful lives know just how hard it is to lose weight. If you’ve tried to lose weight before with no luck, professional support from a team that specializes in weight loss may be just what you need.

Our medically supervised weight loss programs are run by some of the leading health professionals and are designed to accommodate your body. When you come in for your first appointment, we perform a health analysis so we can better understand your lifestyle and previous weight loss methods. We may also draw blood, perform an EKG and other screenings to see where your body is at so we can better get your health on track.

After the initial consultation, Shahinaz Soliman, MD will put together a customized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of treatments. You’ll be required to come in for a weekly meeting to measure your weight loss and make any adjustments to your treatment plan.

What treatments are included?

Medically supervised weight loss looks different from person to person. The custom approach is one of the reasons our weight loss programs are so effective. 

We provide a comprehensive plan for you based on your unique body and lifestyle. Here are some of the treatments included to help you lose weight quickly and safely. 


Your diet is one of the most important components in losing weight. Dieting is often easier said than done so this is why diet education is a crucial part of our weight loss programs.

Dr. Soliman lays out a diet plan that helps you get the essential nutrients you need while still feeling satisfied. Many times these diet plans include a high-protein and low-calorie diet to help place your body in ketosis — a state in which it burns fat stores for fuel. 

Consuming lean proteins with lots of vegetables isn’t just great for your health, but also great for weight loss. To help you get quicker results, Dr. Soliman may suggest you consume 1,200 for a short time to kickstart your weight loss.


Many of our weight loss programs incorporate medication to help you feel better as you slim down. These medications help curb hunger and decrease cravings to help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Dr. Soliman may incorporate Contrave®, Belviq®, or phentermine in your weight loss program. These medications are safe to use and generally do not have little to any side effects.


Accountability is a key ingredient in our medical weight loss programs. From weigh-ins to food journaling and weekly appointments, we hold you responsible for your actions and are here to cheer you on every step of the way. We also offer emotional support to help you deal with any mood changes you may experience during your weight loss journey.


Exercise is an important component in losing weight and keeping it off. But sometimes it’s can e hard to know where to start. Dr. Soliman will educate you on the best kinds of exercise while also incorporating activities you enjoy.

Not only is exercise good for the body, but’s also great for the mind. You’ll probably notice that exercise makes your mind feels sharper while uplifting your mood.

The bottom line

Losing weight doesn’t have to feel like a burden. If you don’t have the tools you need to succeed, it might feel like you’re swimming upstream. Stop trying the same old approaches that haven’t worked for you, and start towards a healthier future with a custom weight loss plan.

Call 310-530-7244 to schedule your consultation or book online.

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