Get Rid of Sun-Damaged Skin With a Winter Chemical Peel

Let’s be honest, the winters in California are much milder than other states. But even in these cooler months, your skin is still susceptible to sun damage.

You’ve probably noticed your skin looking dull and damaged from all these years of sun exposure. Combined, the intense California sun and winter’s cooler temperatures and wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry and thirsty. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs some attention to heal, revive, and awaken from these long winter months.

Give your skin the extra love it deserves with a chemical peel. Shantique Medspa offers patients in Torrance, California, a variety of custom chemical peels so you can find the one that’s right for your skin. 


Shahinaz Soliman, M.D and her expert team recommend chemical peels as a safe, effective, repeatable treatment for a range of skin imperfections.

You’ll be impressed with how your fine lines, sun spots, and scars are less noticeable after getting a chemical peel. Your foundation will glide on more smoothly and your skin care products will work better, now that your pores can fully absorb the product. Not to mention, your skin will be even-toned and have a radiant glow no beauty product alone can offer.

What it’s like

The outermost layer of your skin has been through a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes you need to hit your skin’s reset button after years of exposure to the sun, beauty products, and air pollutants.

Chemical peels penetrate your skin with a deep-cleansing, chemical solution that promotes a mild injury to your skin. During a procedure, your skin care technician will thoroughly clean your skin to remove any dirt and make-up. 

Next, they will apply an acid-based solution to your skin and ask you to rate on a 1-10 scale how “tingly” the solution feels on your skin. Usually, the tingling subsides quickly, but our technicians can easily adjust the procedure to ensure your comfort. After about twenty minutes, the chemical solution is removed and a neutralizing solution may be applied.


The results of a chemical peel don’t show up immediately after the procedure. In fact, it takes  2-3 weeks for patients to experience the benefits. During this time, the dull layer of old skin peels away and reveals a fresh, baby-soft layer.

To ensure you get the best results from your chemical peel, here are some important aftercare tips to follow. Avoid working out or strenuous activity for 1-2 days following your peel. Intense physical activity can cause more blood circulation to your face and may make you uncomfortable. 

Wash your face with room temperature or cool water. This will ease any discomfort and gently soothe your skin during the healing process. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated with a medium-to-thick moisturizer. Avoid sun exposure during the peeling process and make sure to wear an SPF 30 or greater sunscreen. 

Don’t exfoliate your skin while it’s healing. The peel already works as an exfoliator, so using an additional scrub can cause irritation and redness. Once your skin feels healed and “back-to-normal” you can continue your normal skin care routine. 

Get beautiful skin today

Treat yourself to a chemical peel and experience the wow factor of younger-looking skin. We have mild to deep peels that can address all your skin care concerns. 

Say goodbye to winter and hello to beautiful skin today. Schedule your chemical peel by calling 310-530-7244 or booking online.

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