Finding the Perfect Combination of Cosmetic Injectables

Uncovering an old photo album from the days you were a teenager can bring back many memories. Flipping through the photos might remind you of the poor fashion choices you made or envy the baby-smooth skin you had but didn’t appreciate at the time.

As sun damage and gravity take a toll on your skin in your older years, you might reminisce about the days when you didn’t have to think twice about your appearance. Although wrinkles and sagging skin aren’t harmful to your health, many people wish to get rid of them to regain a more youthful appearance. 

Shantique Med Spa, located in Torrance, California, offers a variety of cosmetic injectables to help turn back the clock. Whether you’re looking to smoothen wrinkles or enhance the contours of your face, we have an injectable for you. 

Botox: the most popular cosmetic treatment

Botox isn’t just for celebrities anymore. In fact, Botox is the leading cosmetic treatment used to erase dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles appear when you make certain facial movements, including crow’s feet and forehead furrows.

Botox relaxes the muscles in your face, reducing the contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles. The results last for 3-4 months and are more dramatic than the anti-aging products you’ll find at the store.

Botox is a safe, FDA-approved treatment with 7.4 million procedures performed in 2017. If you’re never had the procedure before, here’s what you can expect.

Shahinaz Soliman, MD is an expert at administering Botox to give you a natural, more youthful appearance. When you come in for your procedure, she first talks with you about your skin care goals and answers any questions you may have about the procedure. Next, she may apply a topical numbing cream to your face to minimize any discomfort from the injection.

Dr. Soliman prepares the Botox solution and injects it into strategic points in your facial muscles. Having a needle placed in your face may seem strange, but most patients tolerate the procedure well and describe it to feel like a mild pinching. Unlike many cosmetic procedures, Botox requires no downtime so you can return to work or your daily activities immediately after.

The versatility of dermal fillers 

You might have noticed you’ve lost some facial volume as you’ve aged. Dr. Soliman uses dermal fillers to help restore volume by injecting a gel-like substance, composed of hyaluronic acid, into your facial valleys. 

More than one million Americans receive dermal treatments every year as a way to look younger without going under the knife. Fillers use hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in your body, so you can look younger without fear of adverse reactions. The results are immediate and can last for up to a year before your body naturally absorbs the remaining filler particles. 

Fillers aren’t just limited to restoring facial volume, but can also effectively be used to:

Dr. Soliman offers over twelve different kinds of dermal fillers so you can find the right one for your unique skin concern. Depending on your skin care goals, Dr. Soliman may suggest a combination of Botox and dermal fillers.

Better together 

Patients in their thirties may only need Botox to get the results they want. But Botox alone can’t erase deep wrinkles and fill in lost facial volume. Botox and dermal fillers each address distinct cosmetic issues that often accompany aging, and it’s safe to use them together.

For moderate to severe aging, Dr. Soliman usually suggests a combination of Botox and fillers for the best results. Using Botox and fillers together makes the treatments more effective,  extending the results of your treatment by three to four months. 

Turn back the clock and get the appearance you had in your younger years. Call 310-530-7244 or book online to schedule your injectable consultation today.

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