Combining Botox and Fillers for Total Facial Rejuvenation

Combining Botox and Fillers for Total Facial Rejuvenation

“Thirty years old” sounded far away when you were a child. Before you knew it, you were outgrowing clothes, getting your driver’s license, and going off to college. 

Pretty soon, your 30th birthday came and went faster than you imagined. Entering your 30s comes with many positives like more independence, more wisdom, and fully settling into yourself. Unfortunately for most, it comes with drawbacks like wrinkles, sagging skin, and lost facial volume.

Do you wish to turn back time on your appearance? Injectables like Botox® and fillers are quick and safe ways to whisk away age-related imperfections. 

Located in Torrance, California, Shantique Med Spa is your go-to place for undergoing injectable treatments with radiant results. 

How is Botox different from fillers?

Botox and fillers are both injectables that are administered through a needle. Though they may seem similar, the nature of how these neuromodulators work is quite different. 


First approved by the FDA in 1989, Botox works by blocking nerve signals in wrinkle-causing muscles. Shahinaz Soliman, MD injects it into your facial muscles to soften existing wrinkles and safely prevent new ones from forming. 

Botox is effective for the treatment of dynamic lines — wrinkles that appear during facial expressions like laughing, squinting, or frowning. 

Botox provides impressive results in treating:

One of the best factors of Botox is its long-lasting results — most patients enjoy smooth, line-free skin for three to four months. No downtime is associated with the procedure making it a great option for patients from all walks of life.


You start to lose collagen as you age. Decreased amounts of collagen are associated with sagging skin and decreased facial volume. If you wish to improve aging concerns like these, you may undergo dermal fillers like one million other Americans every year.

Some of the most common types of fillers are composed of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA). Your body contains naturally occurring hyaluronic acid — a hydrating compound that gives your skin volume. Because your body already contains it, dermal fillers composed of HA are safe and have few adverse effects. 

Unlike Botox, fillers are used to treat static wrinkles, those lines that appear when your face is at rest. Fillers can be used to:

We provide over 12 different kinds of filler and choose the best for your unique skin concerns. Results last for six months to several years depending on the kind of filler and where it is used.

Combine Botox and fillers for the best results

Are you looking to treat multiple areas of your face to get the most dramatic results? Botox and fillers provide the best results when combined for a natural, but younger-looking you. The results of using Botox and fillers together provide total facial rejuvenation and even longer-lasting results.

A 2015 study presented at the Society of Dermatologic Surgery showed that combining Botox and fillers provides the best facial harmony. Patients reported they felt more than four years younger and experienced feelings of improved self-confidence and happiness.

Fillers composed of hyaluronic acid are gradually absorbed by your body over the months following treatment. Fillers used in the lips and cheeks generally break down faster as they undergo a lot of movement from facial expressions.

When fillers are used in conjunction with Botox, the results are longer-lasting. This is because of Botox’s ability to limit muscle contractions, leading to a longer lifespan for fillers. Our staff of highly skilled providers report many patients experience the prolonged effect of dermal fillers when used with Botox.

Smooth away wrinkles with Botox, and enhance your facial contours with dermal fillers today. Call 310-530-7244, or book online to schedule your injectable treatment.

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