4 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

4 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Body hair. Science explains there’s a purpose behind it. While it played a role in sexual attraction and for maintaining skin health in our primal days, body hair still remains today — unfortunately.

Shaving was likely the first hair removal method you adopted. But there’s nothing more annoying than shaving only to find your hair has grown back hours later. Waxing may provide longer results, but the pain makes it hardly worth it.

Shantique Med Spa offers laser hair removal to patients in Torrance, California who want smooth, hairless skin that won’t grow back. Here are four of the top reasons to consider laser hair removal.

1. You’ll save time 

The average woman spends approximately 72 days shaving. That’s a whole lot of time spent removing hair that will just grow back. If you’re like most, you probably don’t have much time to waste so the thought of 72 days gone forever is hard to swallow.

Laser hair removal puts time back into your daily routine by eliminating the need for shaving. When you come into our office, Shahinaz Soliman, MD, uses BroadBand Light (BBL)™ Forever Bare to send multi-frequency pulses of laser light deep into your skin to get rid of the hair follicle once and for all. The Forever Bare laser is one of the most comfortable and safest hair removal methods.

2. Most permanent hair removal method

Let’s be real — the results of shaving are short-lived. Waxing and tweezing may get rid of the hair for two weeks, but this is never long enough. 

Are you ready to ditch the razor for good? Our cutting edge BBL treatment is safe to use on all skin types and can be used to remove hair from places like:

Laser hair removal is the most permanent hair removal method and most patients need 3-6 treatments to get the results they want. After you complete your treatment, you can expect it to be gone for two years or more. 

While the hair may eventually grow back, it grows back much less thin and less dense. All you need is a yearly touch-up treatment to keep your hair-free skin.

3. No razor burn or ingrown hairs

Picture this: You’re having a beach day with your friends and just shaved your bikini line. You can’t wait to show off your new bikini. You arrive at the beach and slip down your jean shorts only to notice a trail of bright red, unsightly bumps that frame your new bikini.

Razor burn is perhaps one of the most undesirable and painful drawbacks of shaving. The itchiness of ingrown hairs can be enough to make you vow to never shave again. 

Laser hair removal eliminates the hair follicle from the root, which stops the hair from growing back. You don’t have to worry about painful infections that result from ingrown hairs and can enjoy the smooth look of flawless skin. 

4. You’ll save money

Most people think shaving is the most cost-effective means of hair removal. A $10 razor may seem like a reasonable price, but when you’re replacing them weekly on top of buying shaving cream and aftershave lotions, it adds up. The average woman spends $10,207 on shaving supplies in their lifetime. 

Laser hair removal allows you to save money in the long run. You eliminate your need for expensive shaving supplies while saving you the hassle of shaving. Most patients need a series of treatments spaced about a month apart so this allows you to spread out your payments. 

Be hair-free 24/7 with laser hair removal. Schedule your consultation today by calling 310-530-7244 or book online.

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